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Daphne Owens Battle, C'93

Daphne earned two degrees from Sewanee, one in Anthropology and one in Geology. She also holds a Masters Degree in Geoarchaeology from the University of Georgia. She puts her education to good use as an archaeologist with the State of Alabama Historical Commission.

Daphne resides near Montgomery, Alabama with her husband Dan and her two dogs, Sierra and Sphinx. She and Dan tentatively plan to open their own archaeological consulting company in the next year or so and base it in Savannah, Georgia.

Daphne loves gardening, cooking, hiking, camping, and studying alternative medicine and traditional plants. Her New Year's Eve parties are legendary among the Sewanee grads who attended college with her.

Dorothy Defore Buck ("Dot"), C'83

Dot graduated in December 1983. She subsequently spent two years in Florida teaching and then moved back to Tennessee for ten years to teach middle school special education and gifted education. She attened Law School at night and became a licensed lawyer in 1995. Solo practice not being the wealth of fun it was intended to be, she is now a staff attorney for the Department of Children's Services. She loves working with people and children. She is also the Montegale City Judge.

Dot's husband, Allen, is a former Chi Psi and would have graduated in 1982 but for a four-year stint in the Marine Corps. He graduated in 1988 and has been a computer programmer ever since. Dot and Allen have three children: Mary Cameron, 12; Owen, 10; and Moira, 4.

Dot has lived in the same house in Monteagle for 14 years. She has been a Girl Scout leader, basketball coach, and a member of the Family Violence Task Force. She plays bridge once a month, has remodeled her house, and has evolved into the typical soccer mom. She loves to quilt, cook, read, travel, and advocate for the less fortunate.

Catherine Douglas Carruthers, M.D., C'95

Catherine graduated from Sewanee with a B.S. in Biology. She is currently a Resident in General Surgery, but her training will be complete in 2006. She is originally from Baltimore, MD, but she has lived in Birmingham, AL for almost a decade. She shares her home with her husband, Dave Tachna, a black standard poodle named Curie, and Ogden, a dalmation.

Catherine pledged GTU as a freshman in 1992. About joining the sorority, she writes: "[GTU] was a group of girls I really liked hanging around with. A funny story -- I was rushed by both GTU and ADT. I really liked the GTUs, and was dating a concubine, James Acken, at the time. However, one of the GTUs was also really interested in James. I remember the night before the final round of Rush, I told Lyn [Wells], my best friend, that I would pledge GTU if the sister who was interested in my boyfriend was nice to me. Lyn said she would pledge if I did, and the rest is history."

Catherine went on to hold the offices of Vice President and President, among others. Her big sisters were Charlotte Holdsworth and Lisa Amelse, and Blythe Dyson was one of her little sisters.

Given the intensity of her career, Catherine lists sleep (!) among her favorite hobbies. She also enjoys reading, and though she hasn't done it in a while, horseback riding. She works out whenever she gets the chance.

Mindy Clowe, C'99

"Remember, the long struggle for the 8-hour day was not a struggle for 8 hours of work.
It was a struggle for 16 hours away from work."
-- Maurice Sugar (Extra points for anyone who knows what Maurice Sugar did!)

Mindy came to Sewanee from Colleyville, TX, and earned a BA in History. She also holds an MA in ILR from Indiana University of PA. She currently lives in Falls Church, VA (in the DC area) with a "very spoiled, large, white and black cat named Charlie (who thinks he is a child at times and a dog at other times -- he has a image problem)." She is earnestly seeking a position as a human resources generalist or labor relations specialist. She enjoys museum-hopping, traveling, cooking, and dining out. She also spends time "rescuing my boyfriend from the depths of chem grad school."

Mindy joined GTU as a freshman in 1996. And why? "Oh, why not? All of the other sororities seemed like fluffheads." In short order she served as both Vice President and President of the sorority. Her big sisters were Kelly (Ramke) Lardin and and Kelly (Grey) Carlisle, and her little sisters were Keri Creed and Hilary Getz.

Mindy fondly remembers "watching Haley Holmes stand up on a table in Gailor and sing during Sunday lunch. She'd begged to be 'hazed,' and that was the only thing the actives could think of for her to do... the various trash pickups that we had to do and would always win some sort of award for best job... the retreat at Keri Creed's house where everybody ate way too many chocolate chip pancakes and watched Dune...and winning the Dean's Cup."

Keri Creed, C'01

Keri was a History major at Sewanee. Like Caroline Brooks, she studied in London for a semester.

Margaret (Parsell) Dodson, C'97

"You have come by way of sorrow, You have come by way of tears, But you'll reach your destiny meant to find you all these years."
-- Julie Miller, "By Way of Sorrow"

Margaret, who graduated from Sewanee with a degree in Art History, recently completed an M.A. in the same field at Vanderbilt University. She lives in Denton, Texas.

Margaret joined GTU as a freshman in 1994. She went on to hold the offices of Secretary, Assistant Pledge Educator, and President, among others. Her big sisters were Catherine Carruthers and Lori (Freeman) Boyle, and her little sisters included Kelly Grey and Tina (Coniglio) Kirven.

Margaret has many wonderful memories as a GTU:

"When I first began hanging out with the women of GTU, I didn't realize they were in a sorority. My friendship with them developed naturally and quickly, and it wasn't until the Jack Daniel's trip that I realized my new friends were members of a sorority. I felt like a member of the sorority before my first semester at Sewanee was over, so much so that I joined them in the cheer at the Halloween party and the Christmas formal.

"As a freshman going through Rush in the Spring of 1994, it impressed me that some alums had come to help with Rush, and it illustrated how important the sorority was to them. I remember how happy I was when I got my bid to GTU and that I couldn't wait an hour to walk over to the MultiCultural center. I remember Lori Freeman running up to me with a jersey right as I got to the sidewalk.

"A genuinely wonderful moment was finding out at Around the World in 1996 that we had won the Dean's Cup. The joy and the surprise were overwhelming and I couldn't wait to tell everyone who wasn't at Sewanee about it. I am extremely proud of what we have achieved over the years, both as a sorority and as individuals.

"The sorority and the people in it have always been important to me. They helped me through some tough times and I will always be grateful for that. My sisters are among my closest and dearest friends."

Elizabeth Fitch, C'96

"If a candle's worth of light can take the dark out of the night,
Let me be that candle, Lord, Amen."
-- Dave Dault, C'93, Singer/Songwriter

Elizabeth, a native of the bustling orange metropolis of Clemson, South Carolina, graduated from Sewanee with a B.A. in Religion and went on to earn a Master's Degree in Public Administration from Georgia State. She was recently hired as the Public Information Program Manager and Volunteer Coordinator for District Four Health Services. She also serves on the University's Board of Trustees. She lives in Decatur, Georgia.

Elizabeth pledged GTU as a freshman in 1993. She held many offices within the sorority: President, Rush Chair, Vice President / Pledge Educator, Secretary, Sunshine Chair, Service Chair, Social Chair, and ISC Representative. She's the big sister of Abigail (Johnston) Cudabac and Tina (Coniglio) Kirven.

Elizabeth wants to save the world, or at least to empower volunteers to build their communities by helping them find fulfilling roles within nonprofit organizations and public agencies. She serves on the Altar Guild and Stewardship Committee at St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church, where she is also an Adult Acolyte. She loves to read, cook, and make beaded jewelry.

About joining GTU, Elizabeth writes, "I wasn't going to go through Rush until I found out I had to follow the stupid rules even if I didn't go to House Visits. So I opted to go to House Visits for the free food. When I got to GTU, I realized that these were people who were comfortable being themselves, and that I really saw a warmth and a common bond among the sisters that I hadn't seen anywhere else. So I pledged, and it changed my life forever."

She adds, "Almost all of my favorite Sewanee memories (and many of my favorite memories of the years since) involve my sisters. I drive some of my non-Sewanee friends nearly crazy with the stories of my sisters and all the fun we had. My sisters are still some of my closest friends, and we're still having a great time together, every chance we get!"

Haley Holmes, C'99

"And if I had a camera showing all the light we give and showing where the light extends, I'd give it to my friends."
-- Dar Williams

Haley joined GTU as a freshman and served in just about every office including President, Rush Chair, Video Chair, and Service Chair. She graduated from Sewanee last year with a degree in Psychology. She is now working on her Masters in Psychology at the Catholic University of America (CUA) in Washington, DC with hopes of persuing a career in Counseling Psychology. Her research interests include gender issues, self-efficacy, and the effects of religiosity on well-being. In addition to going to school full-time, she works part-time and goes ice skating as much as possible. While at Sewanee, she sang in the choir for four years and has continued to sing as a member of the graduate student music ministry group at CUA.

About GTU, Haley writes: "GTU was not my first choice but ended up being the right choice. I would not have the results be any other way. I realized after about a week that the members of GTU were as diverse as the larger sororities and above all, caring. Despite the size of GTU, we did as many activities and as much community service. I still had friends who had pledged other sororites, and they were always welcome to join in GTU activities. From the minute I walked in the door on Shake Day, I felt welcomed and accepted. GTU offered opportunities for leadership, service, and friendship that can rarely be found in one group of people. As we plan for Rush 2000, I am more and more impressed by the commitment of our alumnae. Their support speaks highly of what GTU has meant for so many individuals. It is an honor to be a part of that."

Susanna Lowrey King, C'95

"Pero yo amo mucho a mi gente, y sobreviviremos siempre."
-- Cancion de las novicias

Susanna and her husband George (C'95) currently live in Columbia, SC. Susanna plays the mandolin and the viola and enjoys going to see local bands. She is "absolutely a computer geek." She's originally from Salinas, California.

Susanna's pledge sisters were Lyn Wells and Catherine Carruthers. About her GTU experience, Susanna writes: "I'm glad I joined GTU because it gave me a realm in which to express my silliness and creativity, and taught me to work toward a goal larger than my own needs. My sisters are still my friends and support network today."

Tina Coniglio Kirven, C'96

Tina currently lives in Alpharetta, GA with her husband Stephen.

Kelly Ramke Lardin, C'98

Kelly, a native of Slidell, LA, studied French and Political Science at Sewanee. She currently lives in Lafayette, IN but plans to relocate to Chicago. She works as a Braille Proofreader and enjoys scrapbooking, crafts, reading, and translating. She is married to Harvey Lardin, C'96.

Kelly pledged GTU in 1995 because it "seemed like the thing to do, and who wouldn't with such wonderful sisters." She later enjoyed her role as sorority Historian. Catherine Carruthers was her big sister, and her little sister was Mindy Clowe.

Brittany (Wilkins) Marschalk, C'93

"You can't be a good artist unless you're willing to be a bad one ."

Brittany, a native of Kentucky, graduated with a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science. She currently works as a software engineer in Alpharetta, Georgia, where she also lives. She is an aspiring sci-fi/fantasy writer and dabbles in beer-brewing. ("Double, double, toil and trouble!") She loves cats and just about anything Ancient Egyptian. Though not an avid traveler, she visited Egypt in 1997 and Belgium in 2000.

Brittany pledged GTU as a freshman in 1990. She had two big sisters, Susanna (Rogers) Smith and Melissa Gay. She went on to hold the offices of Secretary, Pledge Educator, Alumnae Chairman, ISC Representative, and Social Chairman, among others. Her little sisters included Susanna Lowrey and Allison (Butts) Roulier.

About joining GTU, Brittany says: "I was very against the idea of joining a sorority at first. I thought I'd have to sacrifice my individuality if I did. But as I got to know and become friends with the GTU actives at the time, I began to understand that GTU was a real sisterhood that celebrated individuality and diversity and fostered close friendship among its members. I decided that I had to be part of this sisterhood and its wonderful and unique traditions."

Valerie McCord, C'90

Originally from Washington, DC, "Val" earned a BA in Anthropology at Sewanee and went on to earn an MS in Forensic Science at the University of New Haven. She lives in Piqua, Ohio with her husband, the Reverend Rob Baldwin, and their two children, Alex (3) and Abby (6 months). She also shares her home with a dog named Milo. She is currently a stay-at-home mom, but she's taking classes in software design.

Val was a member of two GTU pledge classes -- '87 and '88. She joined GTU because of all the "like-minded, fun women" who belonged to the sorority. She held the office of Assistant Rush Chairman/Pledge Trainer at one time, and Susan Englehart was her Big Sister.

About GTU, Val says, "Sewanee was great and GTU was a big part of making it great."

Rebecca Lyn Morrison, C'89

"Please try to schedule your personal crises around these dates."
-- Beckee
the Pledge Trainer

"Beckee" hails from near Cherokee, Alabama, home of the National Coon Dog Cemetery (Eeee-HAH!). At Sewanee she earned a BA in Economics, and she supplemeted that with an MA in Geography from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She's done additional coursework at Middle Tennessee State University, Peking U. (Beijing Daxue), and American University. She currently lives on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. She teaches reading to minority fifth-graders and is studying for her teaching certification.

Beckee has a wide range of interests, academic and otherwise: cartography, demography, hula, Hawaiian music and chants, boogie boarding, hiking, geology / vulcanology / plate tectonics, prehistory, moss and lichen, Chinese language and culture, calligraphy (Western and Chinese), theology, geneaology, and computers. She is also interested in ethnic politics, particularly Hawaiian Sovereignty ("Ku-e!"). In fact, she's planning to move back to the Hawaii in the summer of 2004. There she hopes to find a teaching job in Hana, Maui or on the island of Molokai -- both remote rural areas.

Beckee pledged GTU as a freshman in 1986. As Alumnae Chairman she founded Gammalumnae, the GTU alumnae newsletter. She also served as Vice President / Pledge Trainer one year. Lori Richardson was her big sister, and her little sister was Maria Henderson.

About joining GTU, Beckee writes, "I was pleased to find out I could be myself and be in a sorority, too! That was thanks to Rachel Hocking, who helped me play with the candle wax at a formal choir reception." She has many other great memories that she'd be willing to share over a beer sometime!

Laura Lockhart Schultz, C'89

"A place between up and down... oh, to know the middle ground."
-- Mary Chapin-Carpenter

Laura Schultz, more or less a native of Huntsville, Alabama, pledged GTU as a junior in 1988. She graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and Economics from Sewanee in 1989. She currently works as a contract administrator for a government contractor in her hometown. She enjoys reading and spending time with her husband and her friends. Her dream of being a country singer on the radio hasn't worked out, but she still enjoys singing with the radio.

About joining GTU, Laura says: "When I first came to Sewanee, I wasn't all that comfortable with who I was, and joining a sorority just wasn't the right choice for me. By the time I was a junior, I was a LOT more comfortable with who I was, and had made a number of GTU friends. It was just natural that I would want to be a contributing part of the sisterhood that had already offered me so much support and understanding."

Caroline Brooks Shaver, C'01

"Don't worry about your own problems with mathematics. I can assure that mine are much greater."
-- Albert Einstein, to an 8th grader

Caroline was born in 1979 in Athens, Georgia to two struggling graduate students who instilled in her a love of books and a respect for a liberal arts education. Her father is a Sewanee graduate -- Class of 1968. Caroline grew up moving from Georgia to New York to Ohio, but always spending part of her summers in Sewanee. She has three sisters, and, she says, she suffers greatly from "Middle-Child Syndrome." She spent a semester studying in London while in college.

Susanna Rogers Smith, C'92


"Faith is the assurance that the best and holiest dream is true, after all."
-- Frederick Buechner in "Sacred Journey"

Susanna hails from Gadsden, Alabama. She went on to hold just about every office in GTU after she pledged as a freshman in 1989, but her all-time favorite position was Sunshine Chairman. Her big sisters were Melissa Gay and Liz Appunn, and her little sisters include Brittany Wilkins, Susanna Lowery, and now Kate Buckley!

Susanna majored in English at Sewanee, and she now manages the Patrick Henry College Bookstore. She lives with her husband Greg (C'93) and a "neurotic" cat named Julian in Hamilton, Virginia. She also used to own Kahlua, a cat adopted as a kitten by Lambda Chi Alpha during her tenure at Sewanee. "Kahlua-kitty lived a long, happy life and passed away in 2002. No lingering trauma at all after having lived in the LCA house for two years!"

Susanna is currently working on a certificate in the college's Intelligence and Foreign Policy Program. (She would tell you more about it, but then she'd have to kill you.) She would love to be a librarian at one of the Intelligence Community libraries. "The DIA has a cool one, as does the FBI Academy in Quantico. And though the CIA would be a much shorter commute, their library isn't as big as the others." Susanna's hobbies include quilting and scrapbooking, and she plays guitar with her church's praise team.

About her decision to join GTU, Susanna writes: "They were cool - they played laser tag in the quad! Seriously? They were the only group of folks I felt like I could be myself with." She adds: "My best friends in the world came from being in GTU. Best memories? Climbing the water tower and playing GURPS until the wee hours of the morning."

Sheri L. Morton Stanley, C'85

"It's only common sense... there are no accidents 'round here."
-- Peter Gabriel

Sheri, a native of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, joined GTU as a freshman English major in the Spring of 1982. She later acted as GTU's Rush Chairman, and she was Big Sister to Maggie Thompson, C'86.

With more than eight years of college behind her (four of them at Sewanee), she has yet to complete a Bachelor's degree, mostly due to changing interests/majors, short attention spans, and a predeliction for avoiding work. Recently, she has returned to school via the Internet to complete her degree in Comparative Religion, provided she doesn't get distracted by all the interesting courses in other fields.

After a brief stint as a professional freelance writer (spiritually satisfying but financially unsound), Sheri decided that finding one's own clients is far too much work, and joined the corporate workforce, where she discovered an unknown talent for desktop publishing. She currently works as a desktop publisher/copywriter for an electrical manufacturer in St. Petersburg, Florida. Thanks to a spiritual epiphany while at Sewanee, she has a second, unpaid career as a Wiccan high priestess for a St. Petersburg coven.

Sheri is married to John K. Stanley, C'84, the first GTU "head concubine." They have a beautiful and frighteningly strong-willed future GTU, Rowan, and a young son.

Sheri is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (a historical reenactment group), where she is a Companion of the Order of the Laurel. In a bizarre twist of fate, she has become terrifically domestic, and loves spinning, weaving, natural dyeing, bread baking, organic gardening, quilting, and sewing. She can also make bone needles, brew her own beer, make her own cheese and is currently working on making a bodhran (Irish drum). She's a complete bookworm, loves to argue, and is a self-described "religion geek." She still writes, and has been published in "Shadows #9" (ed. Charles Grant), Scavenger's Magazine, Crossroads Magazine, and Sagewoman Magazine. She's currently trying to break into the children's book market.

About her time in GTU, she says: " I was absolutely bowled over by how genuine these women were. For the first time in my life, I enjoyed complete and unstinting acceptance for who I was, weirdness and all. They became closer than any friends I'd ever had, and my refuge from the harsh and conformity-driven world. I still count them as sisters and friends. In the intervening years, no matter when they were members of Gamma Tau Upsilon, I've found the sisters all to be very much the same - accepting, encouraging , interesting, intelligent, caring and committed individuals."

Stephanie M. Tourk, C'99

Stephanie graduated from Sewanee with a B.A. in Political Science. She studied law at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. Her permanent home is in Dallas. About GTU, she writes: "After a couple of years of being a GTU in spirit, I joined the sorority officially my senior year. My only regret is that I did not do it sooner."

Lyn Wells, C'95

"Philosophy will clip an angel's wings."
-- John Keats

Lyn, a native of Memphis, Tennesee, pledged GTU as a freshman in 1992, along with Catherine Carruthers (C'95) and Susanna Lowrey. She left Sewanee in 1993 to attend the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy. She earned a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree from there in 1997. After that, she went to work for Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare in Memphis as a staff pharmacist. Most recently, she has been promoted to the position of Clincal Pharmacy Specialist and now works in the patient care areas with the physicians and nursing staff.

Lyn's musings on GTU: "I will have to say that I certainly was not the 'type' who would ever have joined a Greek organization. To my surprise, I joined GTU and my life was never the same after that. GTU, through the support of my sisters, made me a stronger person, as well as having taught me about leadership and organization, both of which have been helpful in 'the real world.'

Last updated on December 30, 2005.